Secret Base Project

In Minecraft I am making Beary’s Secret Base. It’s at Bedrock Using the new Nether Quarts As My building blocks. With an Armory, Beary’s Office, Costom Armory, Dorms, Food Cort, And The Misson Planing Center.


I forgot to talk about my birthday when it happened. I had friends over and got really cool stuff from them. We had my monkey chow. Don’t worry, it isn’t what you feed to monkeys. It had plantain chips, banana chips, marshmallows and chocolate Chips. Then, it was family time. We had hot dogs and Freddy’s Ice-Cream Cake. Then the fun was over and I went to bed.


Yes the pixelated fun survive or make anything you want. Oh and made of blocks. Full of different texture packs. if you don’t know what a texture pack is it’s a way to make everything look different. MineCraft is a 30$ program you have forever and it gets updated. You Can Find MineCraft at

Silver The Hedgehog

Hello Peps it’s me caleb and here i am to talk about a TOTALLY underrated sonic charter. Silver. Yes Silver the Psychokinesis hedgehog.He is awesome.He Stars in multiplayer modes in Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Sonic Free Riders, and Sonic and the Black Knight, Mario and sonic at the winter Olympics, Super smash bros. brawl, Sega Superstars Tennis, sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. His main game is sonic the hedgehog 2006. His Main Power is main Psychokinesis.Here’s His Picks.

The Diaries of Doggy The Beagle April 19th

Hi it’s me Doggy The Beagle I’ve heard of dogs doing diaries mainly hank(the Cowdog).I’ve never heard of stuffed animals keep-in diaries but, caleb say i should. I’m going to try it.

Well me and Moonpuppy woke up after caleb shook the bed, kinda gave Moonpuppy a “bad” attitude. He bit my tail and i bit his back, then he wined and called me a bully.Noon, I had to group up the sac, to see if pooh the bear was guilty of eating cookies.Turns out Moonpuppy ate them.Well That’s it for today by.